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Campers is a game where you play as a ghostly bunch of particles who must slowly terrorize a group of campers one-by-one in order to consume them.

Only one camper can be eaten each night and they must be thoroughly scaaarrreeed before you can do it! However, each morning the campers will decide to stay or leave the campsite based on the events of the night before!

So make sure you don't scare them all away instantly!

This was created for Spooky Jam 2 as a solo entry. Unfortunately I spent way tooo much time on visual tweaks and AI programming and wasn't able to finish the game in time for submission. I wanted to explore a game that would ask player's to haunt and mess with a single entity without letting anyone nearby know about it.

Ultimately, the goal would have been to encourage the player to target a camper, haunt him, and scare him while making sure the other campers stay happy. I was also considering allowing the player to do "good things" for the other campers to lower their fear like bring them roses, help them get food, play them music.

The current game only contains the following:

  • pickup, drag and throw rigidbodies
  • turn off/on the campfire
  • possess and move around a tree
  • campers respond to your actions by gaining "fear", watching your general area and sometimes running
  • campers vote to stay or leave each morning and will get back in the boat and leave.
  • you can drag and consume campers once their fear level has reached the highest level.
  • day/night cycle that seamlessly swaps your colours with the world (you are black during the day and white at night)

It's sad that I didn't get to finish this but I'll likely be continuing on with development so keep track here or at octocoder.tumblr.com if you're interested!

Published Oct 31, 2016

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